A family history

My name is Alberto Galloni.

Our history began seventy years ago, when my father, Gemore Galloni, started working for a famous Parma ham plant as head of salting. In 1960 he founded his first plant in Langhirano. We learnt from him all the secrets of the traditional ham production, which is the result of the selection of the best fresh haunches, the care and manual skills in processing and the use of natural air depending on the seasons. Today, my children Marco and Francesca, and I have founded a new company that has the purpose of enhancing the artisan heritage of the best tradition of Parma ham making: our product is a world apart from industrially produced hams and stands out for its excellence.

In our plant, we use traditional methods and tools, like wooden racks that are nicely spaced to give every ham the right amount of air, then we carry out maturation in our underground cellars. Just as we did in the past.

Gazzolo significa querceto che era allora l’habitat naturale per l’allevamento dei maiali allo stato brado.


The word Gazzolo comes from the ancient German language spoken by the Lombards, which settled in this Valley in the late 500 a.D. Gazzolo means oak forest, which was then the natural habitat for breeding free-range pigs.
The most important monasteries founded by the Lombards in the area used to measure the forests not based on their surface, but on the thousands of pigs that could live and eat there.
Our plant was built on the very land where there was a large oak forest in the past: a Gazzolo Hence the choice of a name that ties a modern company to the millenary tradition of this land in pig breeding and pork processing.

Gli strumenti della tradizione sono affiancati dalle macchine solo per rendere piů efficiente e meno faticoso il ciclo di produzione.

Hands, experience, long time and hard work

Every day in our plants we work using hands and experience. Traditional tools are supported by machines only to make the production cycle more efficient and less tiring.
This is performed respecting a careful processing method that begins with fresh haunches and ends with matured Parma Ham.
We are proud of showing you these daily operations and, only this time, we have removed the gloves to enable you to fully appreciate the care we need to perform our work.